• Massachusetts Silver Coins (1652-1662)
  • Pre-1776 States Coinage (1652-1774)
  • Pre-1776 Private and Regional Issues (1616-1766)
  • French Colonies (1670-1767)
  • Post-1776 States Coinage (1776-1788)
  • Post-1776 Private and Regional Issues (1778-1820)
  • Proposed National Issues (1776-1787)
  • Washington Pieces (1783-1800)
  • Libertas Americana Medals (1781)
  • Fugio Cents (1787)
  • Colonial Restrikes and Fantasies (0 to Date)

Colonial coins refer to all coins in circulation in the British American colonies before the U.S. Mint opened for business in 1792. These include coins minted in the colonies of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, as well as Vermont, even though Vermont did not become a state until 1791.




New Jersey



The phrase “colonial coins” also encompassed coins from other countries that were used in the colonies, including coins from Spain (reales), the Netherlands (daaldes), and Britain (shillings and pence).